We are happy to report about our most recent project. AGL Germany moved a total of 3.500 tons of freight from Germany to Tobolsk in central Siberia (Russia).

Amongst this project lot were 6 Quench Exchangers, each one measuring 8.8 x 3 x 3.5m and weighing 50 tons.

The Project also included 24 crates of LTE-exchangers, each weighing 14 tons. The cargo was transported by truck and barge to Hamburg/Antwerp and shipped out from there by sea-river-vessels straight to the final destination. In Russia we used the Russian inland waterways to get to the Russian port of Tobolsk in the Tjumen-region. The total distance was more than 5.000 km.

For this transport our project logistic experts at AGL Germany worked closely with AGL Russia to organize the complete door-to-door transport-chain including surveying.