We recently handled another shipment on behalf of a customer till FOB Hamburg port.

Ocean freight was under the scope of the consignee who fixed BBC vessel for loading at Hamburg Port.

The cargo was loaded by mobile crane at the inland port of Berlin onto 2 barges. Operations were successfully finished within 2 days ops without any problems. The barges need 5 days T/T as earlier planned and arrived at the loading terminal on the last possible day. The heavy lift vessel was already prepared for loading ops and cargo loading was performed directly ex barge onto ocean vessel.

The cargo volume is as follow:

1st Barge:
24 x PQE Units / each 1800 x 165 x 200 / each 21 tons
. 2 x Lifting Device for PQE

2nd Barge:
4 x PQE Units / each 1800 x 165 x 200 / each 21 tons
6 x TLX / each 935 x 254 x 348 / each 54 tons
2 x Lifting Device for PQE
Case Accessories

1xTLX / 935x254x348 / 54 tons was moved by truck from Berlin to Hamburg due to late readiness. The low bed truck was unloaded at Hamburg Terminal directly by ships gear.

Our team completed everything despite the tight deadline, and managed it "just in time" !