Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) was Awarded the Contract to Transport a 42.8 tonne Loop Seal.

Initially, the Loop Seal was collected from an inland location in Finland and was trucked for 400 km in freezing -25 degrees temperatures to the Port of Turku. From Turku, the cargo departed with the "ML Freyja" and arrived at the Port of Bremerhaven RoRo ex Turku in Finland. Due to frozen inland waters, the shipment had to be stored in Bremerhaven. Once the waterways were free, the journey continued via barge "NEBOKADNEZAR" from Bremerhaven to Braunschweig.

At night, a team of specialists with supervision and police escort managed the challenging transport through the city of Braunschweig. The Loop Seal measured 8,38 meters in length, 5,16 meters in width and 5,92 meters in height. It took months to get approval on the transport, as an oak tree had to be trimmed, and traffic lights had were to be dismantled. Also, the electric wires of the tram had to be lifted. For regular street transport, a height of 5 meters is sufficient, but this special truck included cargo reaching a height of 7 meters and a total weight of 80 tons. Even electricity supply for trams had to be shut down during the transit period. A replacement bus service had to be organized before the transport permits were given. Precise planning and patience during the transport were needed which assisted in overcoming obstacles and completing the task without any incidences.

Heartiest congratulations to the team on this successful delivery!