During the last month, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) project division in Bremen was kept busy loading eight trucks from car factory premises in Bremen to Wilhelmshaven. This was a recycling transport for the scrapping of a press. On 16th June, the first four trucks were loaded, and on the 17th June, the other four trucks followed.

The entire cargo consisted of:

Headpiece: 5800mm x 3600mm x 2300mm and 80 tons
Side piece I : 5280mm x 3600mm x 1080mm and 23 tons
Side part II : 5280mm x 3600mm x 1080mm and 23 tons
Part : 3400mm x 3300mm x 2000mm and 38 tons
Tappett : 3900mm x 2500mm x 2800mm and 41 tons
Sliding table : 3650mm x 2150mm x 500mm and 15 tons
Main table : 5700mm x 3700mm x 2000mm and 31 tons
Draw cushion : 2900mm x 2850mm x 1600mm and 20 tons

The press was already dismantled and stored outside. The most exciting and most significant challenge of the transport was the headpiece of the press that weighed 80 tons. According to the transport permit, an expert was on site to approve the lashing onto the trucks. The trucks drove overnight around 3 am for unloading in Wilhelmshaven in the morning.

The project manager organised the transport and was on-site in Bremen for loading together with the client's staff. The registration process at the gate for the driver, the surveyor and the BF3 driver proved to be complicated. In the end, AGL is proud to have delivered the cargo on time and without any incidents.

Your AGL team will keep on going!