Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) Bremen recently finished the transport of a 128 ton vessel engine to a Turkish shipyard close to Port Diliskelesi. The engine unit had a dimension of 880 x 325 x 560 cm.

The job started as from FAS Antwerp port by taking over the engine by vessel gear for the 1st leg up to arrival in the main port Turkey. Due to the heavy weight, a further transport on road was impossible so AGL worked out a plan via RoRo barge to cover the last distance till shipyard. Discharging ex main ocean vessel was performed directly on heavy payload trailer, which was moved 2 days later by tractor onto the RoRo barge “NETA”. After all loading and lashing preparations where done, the barge left to cover the last distance via the Marmarameer to Southern Turkey. AGL is happy to report that all operations when smoothly.