In this project, we successfully transported a stator measuring a substantial 8.65 x 5.10 x 4.40 metres and weighing a whopping 144.5 tons.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes cutting-edge road transportation, seamless port handling, expert sea packaging, efficient barge transportation, and additional top-notch port handling.

A pivotal highlight of this endeavor was the potential disruption caused by low water levels in the Elbe, posing a significant threat to the project timeline. Faced with the imperative of meeting the latest shipment deadline, we proactively stepped in and proposed an innovative solution to our client. Capitalizing on an inland port in Germany, where water levels are consistently sufficient year-round, we streamlined barge transportation.

Our intervention played a key role in ensuring the project's timely completion, triumphing over the challenges presented by low water levels. In doing so, we showcased our unwavering commitment to achieving the extraordinary for our clients in the freight forwarding industry.


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