Cargo shipment from Southern Germany to Coppell, Texas, USA. This recent project spanned continents, involving intricate planning, precise execution, and a commitment to delivering excellence.

Our journey begins in Southern Germany, where our client required comprehensive assistance in transporting a complex cargo load to Coppell, Texas, USA. The task at hand involved multiple components, including the shipment of 4 out-of-gauge (OOG) crates and 6 40-foot high cube open-top IG containers, each with its unique dimensions and weight.

The challenge: Diverse cargo, international destinations.

These are the specifics of the cargo we were entrusted with:
OOG Crates:
Crate 1: Dimensions - 540 x 370 x 350, Weight - 31 tons
Crate 2: Dimensions - 800 x 290 x 250, Weight - 9 tons
Crate 3: Dimensions - 540 x 340 x 290, Weight - 11 tons
Crate 4: Dimensions - 540 x 320 x 290, Weight - 11 tons

While the containers made their way by rail to the point of loading in Rotterdam, we at AGL or-chestrated a barge transport that would carry the crates from our starting point, journeying through Aschaffenburg, and ultimately reaching the bustling port of Rotterdam.

Upon arrival in Rotterdam, a key international logistics hub, we meticulously managed the offloading of the barge charter and deftly handled the transition, securely loading the diverse cargo onto flat rack containers. These containers were destined for Houston, Texas, but the journey was far from over.

In Houston, we efficiently oversaw the de-stuffing of the containers and skillfully managed the reloading process onto trucks. This step was vital to ensure the cargo's safe and timely delivery to its final destination: Coppell, Texas.

AGL's commitment to excellence in project logistics was on full display throughout this multifaceted journey.


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