Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) reports the next shipment of 16 Oversized fire fighting trucks for the Ulan Bator City-fire fighting brigade.

The trucks were delivered on own wheels to the Italian port of Savona and shipped out to the Chinese port of Tianjin by Ro-Ro-Service.

AGL Germany in close cooperation with AGL Mongolia organized the protection of the trucks with plywood on all glass surfaces and parts. In Tianjin the trucks were loaded via ramps onto low-loader trucks and were then transported to Zamyn Uud on the Chinese-Mongolian border.

After transit-customs clearance, the trucks were cautiously reloaded by a ramp systems onto Mongolian rail wagons. Guarded by security forces, which were also organized by AGL, the trucks were safely transported to Ulan Bator, In Ulan Bator the final customs clearance was done by AGL and the trucks were handed over in perfect condition to the Ulan Bator-city fire brigade.