Alexander Global Logistics Bremen office recently finished the transport of 3 engines to Champlain, France. For the execution of the transport AGL Bremen worked together with their PLA Partner Fairplay Shiping, Denmark for the precarriage within Denmark, as well as Wirtz Shipping for the local operations of all engines in Antwerp incl. delivery to the final destination in France.

Ex Frederikshavn, Denmark

Total of 2 Engines / Type 6L 35/44 DF, each 635 x 265 x 425 cms, weight 51,5 tons

The engines were moved by low bed trucks to Esbjerg Port, Denmark in order to be moved on Mafi trailers by Grimaldi Service to Antwerp Port. Due to the height of the units, this was the only appropriate routing that could have been taken. As from arrival in Antwerp, Wirtz Shipping arranged the local port operations and on-carriage.

Ex Mannheim, Germany

Total of 1 Engine / Type 6L 35/44 DF, 635 x 265 x 425 cms, weight 51,5 tons.

The single engine was moved by barge to Antwerp and was unloaded directly onto low bed trucks for the final transport leg to France.

The job went without any issues although there was a high time pressure as the receiving vessel of the engines was already waiting at the shipyard.