AGL has just recently handled the transportation of 5 Vessel Engines from Germany via Rotterdam Port directly to consignee's pier in Italy. The shipment consisted of the following units:

Ex Heilbronn Inland Port:
2 x Engines 14V48/60 / each 1150 x 485 x 565 / each 242
1 x Engines 8L 48/60 / 1050 x 325 x 555 / 158,5 tons

Ex Mannheim Inland Port:
2 x Engines 8L 48/60 / each 1050 x 325 x 555 / each 158,5

The engines were moved by 3 barges ex FCA loading place to Rotterdam port. Initially, it was planned to move the cargo with only 1 barge but due to the extremely low water level, it was necessary to change the loading plan last minute.

After arrival at Terminal RTM, the engines were discharged onto the pier. The 158 tons unit was handled by a shore crane while the 2x 242 tons had to be handled by floating crane “MATADOR”. After 3 days at the pier, the engines were loaded onto “Eemslift Hendrika” by vessels gear for the last part of the route to the final destination close to Venice/ P. Marghera. Unloading at the private pier was done by consignees shore crane.

The local ops in Rotterdam have been arranged by Wirtz Shipping and for the local survey in Italy, Titan Project & Logistic Srl was asked for assistance.