Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) has successfully joined forces with local partners for an outstanding project of moving 24 of the world’s largest mining-dump-trucks from various places in Europe, North & South America to Panama.

The trucks each have a weight of approx. 300 tons and dimensions of approx. 15 x 9 x10 m. The project logistics experts at AGL are organizing all pre-carriages of the dismantled units to Panama using Ro/Ro-, Breakbulk- and Container-modes of transport, and have also arranged for a 10.000 sqm-assembly area in Panama. They have completed all transport-engineering including load-on- and load-off-processes onto a time-chartered barge with a dwt of 4.500 tons, and towage of that barge to the end-customer’s own private port in Punta Rincon at the Panama-Atlantic-coast..

As project leader, Alexander Global Logistics has the overall control and oversight of this project, while their highly experienced local partners have provided extremely professional support to get everything in order. This is a top example of the project logistics capabilities of the AGL Project Team.