Last week we moved the second lot of four large fire engines from Austria to Mongolia. The vehicles are destined for the airport fire brigade of Ulan Bator’s new Chinggis Khaan International airport. AGL transported a similar lot of smaller fire engines a few months ago was for the Ulan Bator city fire brigade. Due to the superior performance on the first shipment, AGL’s offices in Germany and Mongolia were awarded this shipment too.

We organized:

  • Sea freight by ro/ro-service up to Tianjin, China
  • Surveyings
  • Cargo -protection and guards while vehicles traveled with the truckson train from China to Mongolia
  • Customs clearances at all borders
  • A separate inspection of cargo at the Mongolian-Chinese border in the Gobi desert
  • Hand-over in Ulan Bator

AGL has been present in Ulan Bator for more than 4 years with our own office which was opened in 2012.
As a company we have several more years of experience working in this challenging market. Our Director of project, Juergen Weyhausen, has been active in Mongolia for more than 13 years, and was one of the first “western forwarders” in the country pioneering logistic services.