Alexander Global Logistics GmbH was recently awarded the transportation of 3 precision milling machines to the USA.

Each machine was dismantled and stowed into 6 custom built crates, which were modified for air transport. The base of the machine, even after dismantling, had outside dimensions of 536x264x324 cm and a weight of 14.3 MT. In order to deliver within the deadline and to cater to the dimensions, the only feasible solution was to charter an AN-124, the second largest civil aircraft in the world.

Together with the professionals at Volga DNPR, the crates were adjusted to allow for handling with the Antonov's own gantry crane. Considering the preparations and adjustments in advance, delivery was performed with a minimum of 6 trucks from Konrad Allgaier GmbH. The cargo was delivered onto the trucks in loading sequence and transferred right into the aircraft, avoiding additional ground moves with external cranes and forklifts. The entire shipment had a weight of 90 tons and was close to the maximum weight allowed for uplift from airport Stuttgart to perform the leg to Phoenix, AZ with only two technical stops in between.

The loading operations started at 1 am in the morning and thanks to the perfect coordination, everything was finalized after 7 hours of hard work, and the AN-124 took off as scheduled. After arrival in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday at noon, the local professionals from Alexander Global Logistics GmbH coordinated the delivery with the end user and rigging team. Unloading was performed in opposite sequence of loading, again with the Antonov's own gantry crane right onto the trucks waiting in line for delivery. All ground operations were completed after 6 hours and the cargo was delivered on site without any problems or delays.

Thanks to our amazing team for delivering these stellar results!