The project includes the complete logistics for the movement of a second hand HDPE Plant from Burghausen, Germany to CFR Bandar Abbas Iran.

The total volume consisted of about 400 x SOC Container and approximately. 7000 FRT break bulk cargo. The main OOG Units got following details:

  • 2500 x 500 x 500 / 130 tons
  • 850 x 550 x 600 / 45 tons
  • 850 x 550 x 600 / 45 tons
  • 620 x 300 x 200 / 54 tons
  • 700 x 340 x 350 / 42 tons

The project is right now in the “hot” phase as the OOG units just moved during the last 2 months. The biggest units have been moved by combined road / barge via the port Passau onward to Antwerp and finally to Bandar Abbas, Iran. We expect that the entire project will be finished end by end of June 2017.

AGL is responsible for the complete logistics part as from on-site in Burghausen to Bandar Abbas. As the plant is a second hand one the special task is to have a strict follow up on all details like dims / weights in order to make sure that permits and transport arrangements will work perfectly. For this reason, AGL has send own logistics coordinator on site for 6 months who takes care about all local arrangements and was in deep contact with all involved companies like dismantling company, site owner, crane company, trucking companies, and of course AGL’s customer.

This is another example of AGL’s capabilities in the second hand movement of complete plants.