Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) has been nominated to provide logistical support to the new bioproduct mill plant in Kemi, Finland.

The mill will begin operation in the third quarter of 2023. This mill is a result of the largest investment ever made by the Finnish forest industry in Finland and is valued at EUR 1.85 billion.

The AGL project team was responsible for the transportation, heavy lifting, and positioning of the electric power plant's heavy parts, including the generator set, turbine set, conder set, and IOS.

For this multi-transport project, the AGL team applied for special and heavy transport permits and surveyed the bridges on the route, which took about six to eight weeks.

The biggest challenge of the project was obtaining road permits in Finland. There was a lot of speculation about the solution suggested by the AGL team. The route suggested was preloading the cargo on trucks and shipping them to Finland, where they would be reloaded on local trucks for further delivery. This proposed solution was not only cost efficient but also reduced time.

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