Wirtz Shipping Antwerp and AGL Bremen just finished the transport of several modules for a process plant from Bremen Port to Antwerp Port.


The shipment consisted of the following items:

  • 1  Unit / 1000 x 507 x 853 cm       97 to
  • 1 Unit  / 995 x 345 x 397 cm         27,7 to
  • 1 Unit / 856 x 80 x 120 cm            3,3 to

The special task was to find a workable solution for the 8,53 m high units considering operational handling as well as costs.

  The final performer for this movement was coaster “SATURN” which was already built in 1966 , but is still certified on top level. The vessel only handles project cargo and was a perfect fit for this cargo.

Before any operation started, the complete operation was discussed between the port operator, surveyor, captain, stevedores and AGL.

  The units have been successfully loaded by shore crane within 1 shift into coaster; all needed LSD works included. Wirtz Shipping Antwerp will take care about the coaster upon Arrival Antwerp incl. unlashing / unwelding and final transfer to heavy lift vessel for overseas transport.