Most of our news evolve around project shipments where AGL offer the full range of services and bundle them according to our customer’s requirements.

We are experiencing a noticeable increase in demand when it comes to surveying. More and more of our customers ask us to provide specialized staff that are certified to supervise the loading of delicate equipment, or to document and report on insurance claims. Due to this increasing need, AGL has recently expanded the team of qualified surveyors. We are proud to announce that we are now offering surveying all across Europe.

A most recent example of our surveying service is one of our customers who sold FCA. The buyer chose to arrange pick up with ill-suited trucks. Our customer decided to get an expert’s opinion on the loading process and the trucks, as he could be held liable for any issues in the loading process. The shipment consists of a total of 24 so-called ‘Primary Quench Exchangers’. So far only two trucks have been loaded and 14 have been rejected. The equipment to be loaded had very sensitive welding spots that require a complete flat rest of the units on the trucks, especially if one considers a truck-trip of approx. 6.000 km from Germany to Siberia like it was required in this case. The trucks offered did not fulfill these requirements and our surveyor team rejected them. If there would have been any damage to the cargo, our customer could have been held liable. In this case our surveyors protected the interest of shippers.

In some cases, some of our pulp and paper customers experience high levels of damages (up to 30%) on the paper rolls they import. This sometimes results from wrongful handling (high clamping pressure) of the delicate rolls by the port in the country of origin. Our AGL master surveying staff is present when the containers are opened and provides an independent damage report. The report includes a detailed statement stating the type of damage, including pictures and if found the reason for the damages. This supports our customer in filing an insurance claim or holding the shipper responsible.

Our people are certified surveyors, who are accepted by insurers. As part of the package we are also able to do the repair work with our own staff in case there is no severe widespread damage to the cargo. Reels will be re-winded and new labels are printed showing the correct weight. Re-unitizing of pulp units is another service we offer.

Our people are available in all European ports to supervise loading and discharging operations. We offer complete transport surveys from mill to port including for the stowage on board and container stuffing process.