Alexander Global Bremen executed an urgent transport to Alexandria, Egypt, of a drill rig BG42C #18 and Kelly Bar including several accessories on the behalf of

The engines were moved by several trucks from the supplier’s factory to Port Kelang.

The shipment consisted of the following units:

- Drill Rig BG45C #18: 850cm x 370cm x 360cm / 68,3 to
- Kelly Bar: 1800cm x 85cm x 85cm / 15 to
- Accessories & counter weight: 118,030 cbm / 62,3 to

In the Port Kelang the cargo were stuffed on 40’Mafi Trailers upon arrival, and readied for the sea voyage via Singapore to CFR Alexandria. Particular attention was paid to securing the cargo with appropriate lashings on the trailers to ensure its arrival at Alexandria without any damages. The job was completed perfectly in time. Another good example of AGL’s capability for heavy lift transport.