Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) is an internationally known forwarder headquartered in Bremen, offering worldwide handling, storage, shipping, air, road, and rail transport solutions within the framework of import, export and project forwarding.

We provide creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of global logistics.

Our latest project came from a leading global producer of pulp and paper products located in North America. When our client approached us with the task of acquiring a new facility in Alexandria, one of the most important and largest ports in the Middle East and Africa, we happily accepted. The requirements were very specific and entailed a fully equipped bonded warehouse dedicated to pulp and paper that needed to be QAKE (Quality Assurance Key Environment) certified within 6 months. This meant special hygiene and maintenance measures, qualified and trained personnel, modern technology, GMP specifications, and more. This certification was one of many challenges AGL was confronted with, as there are only three other warehouses worldwide that have met these specific requirements.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, on-site inspections are not always possible due to multiple factors such as difficulties and restrictions related to travelling between and within the borders of countries. Even in these uncertain times with many new challenges and disruption in the supply chain, we were able to adjust and innovate our services to accommodate are clients wishes. With our international team of highly qualified staff members as well as our partner company located directly in Alexandria, we were able to conduct our regular inspections and training remotely. The well-being of all involved are of utmost priority, therefore we reacted quickly in making sure all health standards were met to prevent the spread of the pandemic and to keep everyone safe.

After allocating a suited warehouse, renovations began. As you can see if the pictures sent to us from our partner company in Alexandria, firstly, a new roof and flooring needed to be installed, as well as lighting and a fresh paint job. Secondly, EDI installation to track the inventory efficiently, modern pest control devices, and disinfectant stations, these were only some of the conditions needed to be met before the audit could take place. We provided training videos shown from previous AGL projects to all personnel, as well as weekly video calls to ensure everything was communicated clearly and that all requirements were being met.

Not only did we not exceed our budget and complete the project within six months, we also successfully became the fourth warehouse worldwide to be QAKE certified. This capable warehouse includes modern handling equipment (e.g. electric forklifts) with a storage area of 2.000 m² and 20.000 m² of an outdoor storage yard. Along with humidity and temperature control system, this facility now offers premier services for our client.

This is one of many dedicated warehouse locations suitable for pulp and paper worldwide that AGL offer. Through our in-house developed AGL-Web, we can offer our customers a tailor-made solution that fits their needs. AGL-Web enables customers to monitor stock levels in real-time and have them integrated into their IT System. Also pulp producers can use AGL web to control inventory and provide „Vendor Managed Inventory “(VMI) solutions to their customers. We look forward to the new business opportunities this creates, especially in the pulp and paper sector.