Already in September 2016 AGL reported on the huge Lock Gate Project consisting of about 160 special / heavy lift transports from suppliers place to north sea port. Meanwhile after 3 years constant operation the 1st phase of the project is coming to the end and nearly all items have been moved to assembly area.

During the operation AGL was faced with several challenges. Especially the actual situation for transport permits on german road for really huge items needed AGL’s full attention. Roadworks and bridge constructions very often forced AGL to change the routing or to switch over the complete movement concept from road transport only to combined road / barge transport.

Same happended just a few days ago. Due to non availability of workable routing on road AGL decided to change the way of transport and redirected trucks to the inland port of Haldesleben. After arrival the units have been loaded by crawler crane into the waiting barge for the 2nd leg to assmebly area.

The cargo consisted of following units:
. 2 Units // each 2300 x 445 x 384 cms // each 76 tons
. 2 Units // each 2300 x 476 x 384 cms // each 76 tons

AGL is happy to share a few pics from the operation in Haldesleben. Thanks also to AGLs subconztractor Bohnet for the good operation and performance !