Alexander Global Logistics recently managed the transportation of a substantial drilling rig from Southern Germany to DAP Atlasburg, PA, USA.

The drilling rig, weighing 50 tons and dimensions of 16.50 metres in length, 3.00 metres in width, and 3.55 metres in height, was accompanied by its essential accessories.

Our team meticulously organized the transportation process from Germany to the port of Zee-brügge. Here, a seamlessly executed transfer was orchestrated as the cargo was deftly loaded onto the RoRo Vessel Apollon Highway. To accommodate both the rig and its accessories, a carefully cho-sen low-bed trailer was deployed, complemented by supplementary trucks dedicated to the transport of the accompanying equipment.

Upon reaching the shores of the United States, precisely at the Point of Destination (POD) lo-cated in Baltimore, our local contacts played a pivotal role. Through their collaborative efforts, the final stages of handling and transportation were seamlessly managed, underscoring our commit-ment to delivering a well-coordinated and efficient service to our clients.

In conclusion, this recent operation stands as a testament to our ability to navigate the com-plexities of international logistics with precision. Our focus on meticulous planning, strategic coordi-nation, and efficient execution remains at the forefront of our services, ensuring the successful transportation of even the most challenging cargoes to their final destinations.

For Project Cargo or new Sales Development please contact our Head of Sales Jan-Moritz Höler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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