In an interview with Buten und Binnen, Carsten Hellmers, CEO of Alexander Global Logistics GmbH (AGL) and member of the board of the Bremen Freight Forwarders Association (VBSp), indicates massive problems in overseas trade.

The root of this problem is the worldwide lack of containers due to the current situation, caused by unpredictable volumes and too little shipping space, especially from Asia to Europe. As a result, there are difficulties in booking containers, and the price of container transport has multiplied, especially with regards to Asia trade. In addition, the shipping companies do not keep to the timetables, resulting in delays often. This means that the containers are also only transported with delays from many European ports. All these issues accumulate further costs!

These exorbitant prices will be felt by consumers, as they will ultimately be reflected in the products. Carsten Hellmers and his Bremen freight forwarding colleagues hope for an improvement of the current situation soon, even though further development is difficult to foresee due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its influences on global trade and logistics.