Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) recently performed a discharging survey of bleached wood pulp in a Middle East port. AGL was asked to complete this survey by a major South American pulp producer for their first shipment there, to enforce their quality control as well as to ensure the chain of custody of the product. Three AGL surveyors were appointed to overlooked the discharging process. The ship was discharging with two gantry cranes with two gangs. Each gang working a 12-hour shift. This resulted in a 24h/day discharging operation.

AGL's survey task involved documenting the discharging process and ensuring that warehouse conditions were met. Through their presence, the AGL survey team was able to ensure handling and storage of the pulp was done as per the customer requirements, constantly communicating with the customer and intervening with the terminal authorities when requested.

When discharging was completed, AGL provided a detailed survey report to the customer including not only the observations but also recommendations on how to improve in the future. Consequently from both the report and AGL survey team presence on site, tangible “lesson-learned” were put in place. AGL has a proven track record in shipping, handling, and managing pulp & paper as well as forest products, this experience helps the producer to ensure that their standards are complied with. The AGL survey team is active worldwide and has executed several of these surveys and other similar loss prevention surveys in the past.