Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) recently transported several sports cars from Europe to Asia.

On December 6, Alexander Global Logistics handled an air shipment with AirBridgeCargo Airlines from Europe to Asia. The cargo consisted of a Ferrari 812 Superfast (800 PS, maximum speed of 340 km/h. The loading operations started in the morning and the airplane took off as scheduled. AGL arranged a direct delivery from Amsterdam to Hong Kong.

One week later, AGL managed the air shipment of a Vespa GTS with trailer car from Frankfurt, Germany to Doha, Qatar with Qatar Airways.

As the highlight of these shipments, AGL delivered a Lamborghini URUS tuned by Mansory (650 PS and maximum speed of 305 km/h) from Frankfurt, Germany to Dubai Airport. After arrival at Dubai Airport, AGL’s local partner took over and arranged the delivery to the final destination without any issues on December 15.

AGL is happy to report that all operations went smoothly.