Standard crates do not look exciting enough?

Sometimes the challenge is not having oversized cargo but the circumstances and urgency.

During Christmas holiday season, while all companies were short staffed, on Dec 29th, Friday evening at 5.30 pm, our customer located two crates in his warehouse with a total weight of a little more than one ton. The challenge was that it needed to arrive on Monday in Taiwan to fulfill his contract. He called at this late hour, the airfreight specialists of Alexander Global Logistics.

The cargo was located 400 km away from the major airport Frankfurt. We arranged a dedicated truck for collection on Saturday and booked flights to Taiwan accordingly to meet the requested deadline of the customer and avoid high penalties. The trucker showed up in time, but only then did they realize that the dimensions of one crate was too large to fit into the truck. Together with the warehouse staff, our trucker adjusted the crating to fit it into the truck. Even with a downtime of 6 hours for adjustments, he returned to FRA before the deadline to catch the flight to Taipei.

Customer and agents were updated during the whole process and at every stage, regardless of weekend and time. The job was completed perfectly in time and our customer was pleased he asked Alexander Global Logistics for this time-critical job.