In this project, AGL played a crucial role in the construction of the "Überflieger Hamburg" bridge, which spans over the German highway A7, by supplying essential components.

These components, measuring up to 20 metres in length, 6.50 metres in width, and 3.00 metres in height, with weights reaching up to 120 tons each, posed significant logistical challenges.

To address these challenges, we implemented advanced techniques for handling and transportation. Utilizing hydraulic systems of the modular axes, we loaded the bridge components onto trailers with precision. Subsequent, we organized the loading of these bridge parts onto a barge, employing a crawler crane to ensure seamless integration.

The complexity continued during the unloading process, where our team utilized a floating crane to carefully unload the bridge components from the barge onto trailers once again. This meticulous ap-proach ensured the safe and efficient transport of the components, maintaining the project's momen-tum and integrity.

In essence, AGL's contribution underscores our commitment to excellence in logistics and engineering, ensuring the successful realization of the "Überflieger Hamburg" bridge project.


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