The Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) team has managed yet another breakbulk shipment from Austria to Qingdao, China for a key customer!

The loading took place early in March at the factory in Austria. From there 6 reactors were picked up per truck and delivered to Hamburg, where they were loaded as breakbulk onto a container vessel at the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB).

The reactors respectively had the below dimensions and weight:
• 2x Reactor / each 730x230x310cm – each 46,0 tons
• 2x Reactor / each 730x230x310cm – each 46,5 tons
• 2x Reactor / each 730x230x310cm – each 48,0 tons

In addition to the above, 3 more trucks were loaded in the middle of February at the factory. These contained accessories for the reactors and were stowed into 3x 40’HC on the same vessel.

Considering the actual conditions on the shipping market, as well as the general impact of COVID-19 and the imposed restrictions, it was not easy to handle all operations in time. On top of that, the operations took place under the direct impact of storms “Zeynep” and “Ylenia”, which wreaked havoc across the North Sea ports, including Hamburg. Vessels were delayed as terminals shut down in the extreme winds, making it much more complicated than usual to execute shipments.

Fortunately, in the end we can confirm that all operations went smoothly, and the project was finished without further issues. We are extremely grateful to all partners involved and the carrier for working with us towards this successful ending.

Another special thanks to our customer for their trust, and the AGL team looks forward to weathering the next challenges!

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