Alexander Maritime Services (AMS), a sister company of Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), has successfully performed two breakbulk charters from the Port of Flushing in the Netherlands, to the ports of Aqaba and Bahrain in the Middle East.

AMS is certainly not shy when it comes to chartering. On a regular monthly basis, they charter 8-10 coaster loaded with wood pulp and other bulk cargos within the European waters. This time, these two charters came on top due to the lack of container space and equipment on this route caused by the COVID-19 situation. The cargo originated from South America, and was available in Flushing for immediate shipment to guarantee production of hygienic material in the Middle East. Thanks to the AMS team, the goods should arrive in time to be put into the production process.

In addition to the above routes, AMS is organizing on a regular basis breakbulk wood pulp shipments from Southeast Asia to the Middle East. Main other discharging ports in the Middle East are Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Jeddah. As we write this article, the team is busy working on yet another charter for wood pulp from Northern Europe to China.